NUC 公益財団法人日本ユニフォームセンターはオフィスユニフォーム、学生服、スポーツウエアをはじめ企業や各種団体の制服やユニフォームデザインの研究開発をする内閣府認定公益財団法人です。

Introducing NUC

What is NUC?

The Nippon Uniform Center (NUC) is involved in the research and development of uniforms that are secure, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly.
Through each specialized committee member, councilor, director and member working together in cooperation, based on their advanced and specific knowledge, technical skills and sensitivity, NUC has gained the satisfaction and trust of its users. NUC's mission is to promote the wider use of uniforms, improve the welfare of workers, and contribute to the healthy physical and mental development of students and sports people.

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Nippon Uniform Center

Diagnosis, consultation and advice by NUC

1. From the standpoint of public interest
・NUC is a research organization involved in the design of uniforms. During the process up until the final selection of the uniform design and specifications, NUC takes the position of a non-profit organization; therefore it has no commercial interest and is perfectly suited to be entrusted with various tasks.

2. From the standpoint of fairness
・As a charitable corporation, NUC can give advice from a fair and impartial position.
・NUC's mission is to bring together people who design uniforms, people who require uniforms to be worn, and people who wear uniforms. NUC can give good advice regarding design modifications and changes.

3. From the standpoint of expertise
・NUC provides specialized know-how about uniforms that it has built up over the years.
・NUC can effectively utilize groups of designers with whom it has close relations and who have strengths in the area of uniform design.

4. From the standpoint of efficiency
・Tendering (following the finalization of the production specifications) makes it easier to confirm production orders and makes production cheaper.
・Communication between a) the people who wear the uniforms, b) the people who require the uniforms to be worn, and c) the people who produce the uniforms is critical for the manufacture of the uniforms to proceed smoothly. NUC has a tremendous amount of experience in playing this role of bringing these groups together.

Details of NUC's work in diagnosis, consultation and advice relating to uniforms

A lot of basic research in various fields, including labor science, ergonomics, textile science, color science, fashion analysis and productivity research goes into the development of designs for a uniform. Through the process of diagnosis, consultation and advice at NUC, the knowledge of these disciplines can be applied in the functionality and design of the uniform.

Until the uniform is ready...
1. Pilot study
This is the first step in the manufacture of a uniform. NUC officials visit the workplace and gather data on how the uniforms will be worn, how they will be managed, and other information.

2. Main study
After the pilot study, a consulting team consisting of experts from various fields is assembled. The team carries out studies in the workplace, and interviews both labor and management personnel.

3. Selection of the basic policies for the design
A design meeting is held, which utilizes the materials and data gathered in the studies. The meeting decides the color, shape and material of the uniform, as well as the design concept, and sets the basic policy for the design.

4. Creation of the production specifications
Following extensive test fittings, the final design is selected, and the production specifications and patterns for the mass production of the uniforms are prepared. NUC gives operational advice concerning tendering and matching estimates.

5. Supervision of mass-produced items
After the destination for the items is decided, NUC holds a meeting with the manufacturer and gives guidance about the sewing of the products. Sample checks are important. NUC's work is completed once these are finished.

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